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Website translation directly in WordPress

The Website Translation process occurs directly in WordPress.  Thanks to trusted and verified solutions, I guarantee translation of your website that will preserve the correct localization of the text and graphics as well as proper modification of metadata. Because of this, you save your IT department’s time, since its involvement will not be required at any stage of translation. What is more, my technique enables quick modification of previously translated text and addition of new content. The method of website translation is selected individually, depending on the website’s structure and your needs.

Website translation – localization and stylization in WordPress

Website translation is the perfect solution for further growth of a business – in the age of universal Internet access, a business website in a foreign language is indispensable. It is a business card, whose key features should be clarity, informativity, accessibility, and above all, search engine optimization. Often, a client’s first encounter with a business is the company website. It needs to be distinct not just in graphical terms, but also linguistic, in a way that accounts for professional terminology and proper sentence structure.

The proper combination of these components builds a reliable image of the company, and it is worth making the best possible impression on a potential client. For this reason, translating a website is also a perfect solution for growing business further – it makes it possible to reach a wider audience and improves the company’s image. For a website translation to be made correctly and with the greatest care, a professional is needed. I wish to offer you support in this scope as well.

Website translation oriented towards improving visibility in search results

SEO translation is aimed at improving your website’s visibility in search results. It is extremely important for further translations and content to be adjusted to the SEO strategy. Thanks to this, it is possible to develop a cohesive and unique style of the website and to achieve consistency with proper terminology. I assure you that entrusting the translation of your company’s website to me is the right choice. My many years of experience with hundreds of clients from all over the world has allowed me to learn about the needs of visitors to websites. I know where to place special emphasis, what language attracts clients, and what to avoid. Regardless of the subject matter, I am ready to help you translate your website.

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