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Major projects


Major projects


  • LG – Translation of smartphone interface and website.
  • Samsung – Translation of mobile phone (GALAXY), manuals, interface and website.


  • P&G
  • 3M
  • Valve system for drilling systems
  • absorbent cores comprising superabsorbent polymer particles
  • Companies that produce biomedical laboratory instruments
  • Fibrous structures comprising a polymer structureFibrous structures comprising a polymer structure
  • Method of correction of particle interference to hemoglobin measurementMethod of correction of particle interference to hemoglobin measurement
Gillette’s patent  drawing of the Razor US775134


  • DOCTOR’S THESIS – optimization algorithms in non-linear model predictive control – 30.000 words

Precision Metrology

  • Translation of Mitutoyo Product Catalog  – Catalog contents: Calipers, Digital Scale and DRO Systems, Laser Scan Micrometers, Linear Gage, Height Master, Optical Measuring and Height Gages


  • Fanuc – engineering manual 200000 words – CNC wire-cut electric discharge machine.
  • The Chen Hsong Group – operation manual for injection moulding machine 80000 words
  • Asian plastic machinery co., ltd – heavy duty double-toggle injection molding Machine – 70000 words
  • Dynamic tire balance system Windows® operating system – 30000 words
  • Manuals for bending machines for tubes and profiles – 400000 words
  • Manuals for lathe, milling and drilling machines – 500000 words
  • Manuals for CNC controllers (machining machines, air conditions ect) 700000 words



  • KIA MOTOR – presentation of maintenance services
  • Bosh – code list of car controller – 50000 words
  • LuK – description of transmission gear DSG – 5000 words
  • DOOSAN – Operation and Maintenance Manuals for excavators – 150000

Oil and gas

  • NIKKISO oil company – LNG HP PUMPS
  • PKN Orlen S.A. oil company – foundation of installatoin. 15000 words
  • NAFTA GAZ – Odourizing unit – 19000 words
  • Norgren – Solenoids valves for oil and gas industry
  • Metering pump type MAH, Micro-flowmeter, Control and power p.c.b.
  • Odourant concentration controller ODR 7
  • Instructions of use of the hidracar charging & control gas kit for pulsation dampers and hydropneumatic accumulators
  • Energa-Operator S.A. the supply and start-up of Metering Infrastructure for Energa-Operator S.A.
  • PBG S.A. – construction of the Swinoujscie LNG terminal „Swinoujscie LNG Regasification Terminal”

Electric power station

  • Elektrociepłownia Rzeszów – Construction of a combined-heat-and-power plant with Diesel engines fuelled with vegetable oils – 100000 words
  • ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A. – the realization of Intermediary Infrastructure using PLC technology for ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A. – 30000 words

Marketing, website, voice-over script and training

  • HSBC –ebsite – 60000 words
  • COCA COLA – advertisement
  • Seedcare – presentation of the agricultural business – 9000 words
  • Project Manager’s Role in New Business – Marketing and Proposal Preparation 26000 words
  • Internal Control Quality Operating System (ICQOS) – presentation and training materials – 30000 words
  • Terranova Information Security “Information Security tools” – IT course 36000 words
  • IBM – subtitles for how-to video – 45000 words

Business and general text

  • Michelin – General terms and conditions of purchase, Supplier quality assurance manual, Performance and responsibility, Quality standards
  • Different management contracts
  • Streetbees – The World’s Intelligence Platform
  • Terms and conditions of sale for equipment, parts, field services and repairs for various companies.
  • 3 M – Evaluation report of Preparatory Actions in the field of supervisory rating
  • PGE – Terms of reference for a World Bank-financed project
  • Special limited partnership agreement of XXX
  • Proposal to provide professional services to Hydro Vacuum JSC Representative Office in Hanoi
  • Methods of artificial intelligence in the process of identifying the quality of agri-food products
  • EC declaration of conformity for various machines

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